Learner's Goals

The Bay Academy learners are nurtured to become:



The purpose of education is to enable children and young people to become active contributors as global citizens.

To become good citizens and responsible adults, all children need to think creatively and critically, and be able to adapt to change. They need to learn and practice how to acquire, filter, process, and use information to make effective decisions and to communicate with others. They also need to develop self-esteem by participating in a caring school community, which appreciates diversity, and develops in children tolerance, mutual respect, cooperation towards team goals, and a love for learning that will last a lifetime. At The Bay Academy we use the 3C’s framework to deliver a holistic education program. Conceptual, Competency, and Character learning in a project-based learning approach that allows students to make connections across disciplines.



The Bay Academy provides a holistic education that balances social, emotional, academic, and physical success through a challenging and progressive learner-centered program, nurturing our learners to become skilled negotiators, collaborators, inquirers, and complex thinkers in a changing world.


Intercultural education is based on respect to the cultural identity of the learner through the provision of culturally appropriate and responsive quality education for all.

Core Value




We believe that:

a)  Family is the primary influence on an individual's development and learning.
b)  Honesty, trust, and respect are essential in successful relationships.
c)  Individuals are responsible for their choices and actions themselves, to society and to the environment.
d)  A supportive, positive partnership between school, families, and community fosters the highest levels of student achievement.
e)  Meaningful learning is enhanced through active involvement in the learning process.
f)  Cooperation and collaboration are essential to an individual's success in a diverse society.
g)  Active involvement in community service is a critical component in developing responsible, caring students.
h)  Learning is a life-long activity.
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