Message from Head of School

Welcome to The Bay Academy Website and thank you for your interest. We are proud of the Immersion School as a dual language, dual culture setting where students are both nurtured and challenged to become active contributors as global citizens who think creatively and critically.

Offering a primary and middle school program, The Bay Academy follows research-based best practices in English as an Additional Language. We use the US Common Core State Standards in our design to prepare students for US-Style college preparatory high school. Guiding our daily work are the Six Principles for English Language Learner’s Instruction from Stanford University, along with our beliefs in; the family’s role in an individual’s development, active involvement as essential to learning, a common culture and language around learning to foster the highest levels of achievement, and the ability of all individuals to learn.

In an additive model of language learning, students will continue to build academic proficiency in Mandarin as the first language while adding new and lasting experiences in the English Language. In this model, students develop confidence and self-esteem as they learn to make effective decisions and communicate with others by building on their own background knowledge and strengths.

Working in education for the past 15 years in both the United States and Internationally, I am honored to be a part of a learning community of the quality and dedication to best practices here at The Bay Academy in Shenzhen. Here, family and school work together in partnership to create an intellectual life for children that is without limits.

Thank you!


Emily Cave

Head of School

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