Dual Language Education

Dual language education can foster bilingualism and bi-literacy, enhancing students’ awareness of cultural diversity while leveling up academic achievement. Research shows that children who speak more than one language have an advantage over monolingual counterparts in communication, cognition, and social interaction.

 “Studies show that a bilingual child is better able to cope with tasks that involve attention, memory, and concentration. The mental gymnastics needed to constantly manage two or more linguistic systems increases cognitive flexibility and makes learning easier.” Dora Alexopoulou, Cambridge University

At The Bay Academy, we believe “dual language” and “bi-literacy” development is based upon equal value given to both Chinese and English. This is known as “Additive Bilingualism”: when a child learns to speak a second, or other, language fluently and still retains the first language. Students in the dual language immersion programs can retain language proficiency in both languages when their primary language and secondary language are treated with equitable status. In leveraging students’ home language, cultural assets, and prior knowledge, learning will be structured around the building blocks of home-community region and world. Learning becomes more meaningful to students because it is an exploration of how to make connections to the immediate and larger world around them. Language becomes the tool students will use to communicate their thoughts to different audiences, using different languages for different purposes. Family, as the most influential factor of the child’s learning, will be expected to participate actively in the maintenance and development of the home language and culture.

Throughout the school year, The Bay Academy will provide different opportunities in the form of Parent Academy, Parent meeting, Coffee with Principal, etc. Research-based best practices will be used as guidance to how schools and parents can work together to best provide for the children.

As a dual-language immersion school, students receive instruction in both English and Chinese during the school day.

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