Technology has changed the world with its innovation. When combined with effective teaching and learning, technology has the ability to transform how students connect, collaborate, and create. The school has high-speed wireless internet access and will use a variety of virtual learning resources to enrich learning. Students will have access to shared devices in class. While we believe in the necessity to integrate technology into 21st Century learning skills, we also believe in developing safe and responsible learners who can adapt to the changing digital landscape. We believe that both school and home play an equal role in ensuring children have a safe and positive experience online. The school will establish clear standards and implement a Responsible Use protocol.

Preparatory year through Grade 2, internet access is expected at home so teachers can assign and share online references and resources with parents to be used with children.

From Grade 3 to Grade 8, students are required to have individual tablet devices for school and home use. For Grade 9, students are required to have individual MacBooks for school and home use.

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