Ways We Learn at NCIC-Immersion

Everyday in NCIC-Immersoin is a learning process to be a Negotiator, Collaborator, Inquirer, and Complex Thinker. As an innovative immersion school, let's see how children learn in a perfectly combined with US Common Core and Chinese Compulsory Education curriculum environment.


CGC Our Learning Ecosystem

Within the Common Ground Curriculum, students learn to become Independent Learners and Global Citizens. Within The Collaborative, adults learn, schools learn, the network learns. Everybody Learns.


Ways We Learn Science

A visual learning chronicle of our first graders on the science unit of plant.


2017-2018 School Year Review

180 school days, 180 days of amazing adventure! Hello, School Year 18-19!


NCIC-Immersion MAP Testing Introduction

Sharing MAP test results from School Year 17-18.

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